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10 Must Follow Beauty Tips For Summers

The skin is the first to bear the brunt of the summer heat, but due to excess exposure, the outer layer of the skin tends to suffer from darkness or dullness due to minor sun burn. Summers is all about lightening your beauty routine so just a few simple changes in your skincare routine and make your skin smooth soft and flawless. Here are a few beauty tips to ensure that your skin stays safe.

Must-know some beauty tips that will help you have your most gorgeous summer yet.



Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the air into the skin and ensures it’s retained it in the layers where it’s needed most for penetrating, long-lasting hydration. It helps the skin glow and makes it flawless with time. Apply honey evenly on clean, damp skin and massage it for a few minutes and leave it on for another five minutes and wash the honey off with lukewarm water.



You might love lemonade and lemon chicken, but your skin loves lemons even more. Lemon juice has many beneficial natural beauty applications. Exfoliate your skin, mix two teaspoons each of lemon juice and sugar and apply the mixture on your face, neck and hands and scrub in a circular motion and leave it on for 10 minutes and wash off with the cool water. Lemon removes dead skin cells and makes your skin smooth and clear.



There are many uses of Sandalwood for skin. Also called Chandan. The soothing aroma and healing property of sandalwood paste is also excellent for the skin. Apply a sandalwood paste by mixing together equal amounts of sandalwood powder and rose water and apply this paste on the affected skin and leave it on until it dries and rinse it off with cold water. Sandalwood gives you young, smooth and glossy look.

Milk Cream


Milk cream gives you natural beauty. Add lemon juice and milk to milk cream and apply the paste on the face, hands and legs and Leave it for 15 minutes and thereafter wash off with water. Milk cream is an amazing moisturizer because it helps to improve our skin health


Get-Spotless-and-Glowing-Skin-Instantly-with-this-DIY-Marigold-Face-Mask.-2 (1)

Papaya can make your skin flawless, courtesy the active enzymes present in it. It helps reduce pigmentation and controls acne breakouts and wrinkle formation. You firstly mash the ripe papaya and then mix it with the lemon juice and  you rub this mixture to all your face skin and neck area and Leave it on your skin for at least half an hour before using cold water to wash. Papaya has lots of water that leaves your skin moisturized and smooth.


Tomato Skin Care

Tomatoes are great for the skin, as they have cooling and astringent properties. They are rich in vitamin C, which can eliminate acne and brighten dull skin. Tomatoes also contain vitamin A, which is needed for healthy skin. It is naturally acidic, so it helps balance the skin and get rid of excessive oil. Apply on your face 2 tsp of lemon juice and 1 to 2 tomatoes into a blender and you add gram flour (besan) to it and blend well to create a smooth paste. Apply this paste on the face and leave it 20 minutes and wash off with the cool water. Tomatoes contain cooling properties to help you soothe sunburn and make your skin smooth and fair.


Gram Flour


Besan is really useful as a tan removal agent when applied to the skin. Apply Gram flour on your dull face with One teaspoon turmeric and One teaspoon Rose water and Mix all the ingredients and make a paste. Apply on your face and leave it till dry and wash with cold water. Gram flour gives very good results in  naturally fair and glowing skin.

Potato Pulp


Potatoes are packed with good stuff — they’re rich in vitamin B and C, brighten and tone, it works effectively well in slowing down the signs of aging, especially wrinkles. Take one potato, peel and then grate it into a smooth pulp, squeeze juice of one lemon in it and mix well. Apply the pack on the face and let it stay for 20 minutes. Wash off with water. This pack improves skin tone and lightens dark circles around the eyes.

Orange Peel


Orange, rich in Vitamin C, is the best all rounder when it comes to your skin.  Oranges can have many positive effects on your skin. The Orange peel pack helps in removing dark patches and sun tan and improves skin tone effectively. Mix orange peel powder and sandalwood and make a paste and apply it on clean face and neck, massage for 5 minutes. Leave the pack on the face for 20 minutes and wash off with water.



Naturally reduce fine lines and wrinkles from forming with an anti-aging yogurt face mask. Apply yogurt face pack Take the 3 tbsp yogurt and 3 tbsp gram flour in a bowl. Now add the 1 tbsp of honey in the bowl and mix all the three ingredients well and apply this paste on the face. Leave it for 20 minutes to dry, then wash your face with the cool water. Yogurt gives a glowing skin and makes feel fresh.

Summer is the season when you have to take special care of your skin. Summer looks dull, blemished and oily so follow this beauty tips and Just make sure you balance the outdoor travel with a good skin care regimen and protect yourself from the harmful impact of sun rays.

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