The Nail Art Trends You Should Know

Nail art designs trend has caught the craze among most women and young girls. Nail Art Designs come in loads of variations and styles that everyone, from a school girl, to a grad student to a home-maker and a working woman can try them to add class and style to their nails. There we have given some nails art designs which will surly catch the sight of others.

These are nail art designs


Geometric Shapes and Lines

Geometric Shapes and Lines

From a basic singular line to triangles and squares, geometric designs give a funky and stylish look.


The Half Moon

half moon

A retro look that can be done in endless color combinations proves that everything old becomes new again.


Line it Up

Line it Up

Add one or two simple lines on a clear nail base to create a clean, negative space nail design. Bonus, it looks chic, even when your nails grow out.


Radiant opal


Radiant opal nail art is being used hugely. Try it in a glittery pale polish or a shimmering pearlescent topcoat, either way, your nails will look fit for any elegant even.




For this checkerboard nail, start with a classic French tip. Once dry, apply black boxes to create the design and finish with a clear topcoat.




White triangle creates a unique and playful spin on monochromatic nails. Aztec and tribal patterns became popular for a while for nail art. They’re easy to do and look cool and graphic.


Flower Nail Art

Flower Nail Art

This flower art on nails is for those who love their freedom and do not like anything holding them back. You could either use tools or stickers to create such a design.


Reverse French Tip

reverse design

Change up a traditional French tip by creating a reverse design. Neutral colors keeps it looking classic.


Manage to cater to the style needs of those in love with the timeless minimalist looks, as well as the intricate nail art addicts. Whatever trend you choose to wear, make sure to pay lots of attention to your fingertips, which can change a lot in your looks in general. So choose any of nail art trend given above and change your look.

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