Shipping Policy

Confirmation of Shipment by seller

Promptly after shipment of a customer's order (or any portion of the customer's order), Seller will accurately inform that the order has been shipped using the standard functionality made available by for communicating such information.

If Seller fails to provide Confirmation of Shipment within the time frame specified by, may in its sole discretion cancel any such seller transaction. Further, sellers may be charged 4% of the value of items in an order as Cancellation Charge for seller orders that are cancelled under the following conditions:

  • If more than 5 % orders are cancelled in last 30 days by seller for any reason other than buyer cancellation request.
  •  If the Order is cancelled by Hecmo because the seller has not confirmed the shipment within 48 hours of order confirmation.

The above terms and conditions are in addition to and are not intended to eliminate any rights or any of its Affiliates may have, or any obligations Seller or any of its Affiliates may have, under any agreement currently in effect between Seller or its Affiliates and or its Affiliates.

Shipping Charges

Shipping and Handling Charges

For Seller-Shipped Products:-  Seller will determine shipping and handling charges via and subject to our standard functionality and further subject to terms and conditions of the  shipping and handling terms of the  Any such amounts, paid by the customer towards shipping and handling charges, shall be sellers proceeds, subject to deduction of applicable charges as may be determined by and Seller are solely responsible for reporting and remitting any applicable taxes on the shipping and handling charges.

For Hecmo-Shipped Products:- will determine the shipping fees and collect them accordingly in accordance with the Service Terms. 

NOTE :- At the moment, all the existing orders are being shipped by exclusively through the  appointed shipment agencies. Seller is required to pack the product as per the industry practice and as per the norms set by time to time, within 48 hours from the order confirmation and the same shall be picked up by the shipment and logistics agencies appointed by the